Power Vidyut Corporation. PVC) embraces turnkey High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Transmission Line ventures up to 132/220 KV. The special endeavor for the power station to be hooked up with the Utility Grid Substaiton at a moderate distance. The organization has in-house specialized, budgetary and administrative ability to execute these activities without bounds fulfillment of the client.The different exercises required in Turnkey Transmission activities are.



Site Survey: This incorporates point by point line study, longitudinal profiles, course maps, spotting of towers, stamping of tower areas, checking of separations between the towers and so forth.

Soil Investigation: This incorporates assembly and moving of all supplies, standard entrance tests, taking examples, conveyance and capacity of tests, research facility tests, readiness of geotechnical report and so on.

Establishments: Foundation outlining relying upon the dirt properties, shape work, cementing, support, tower earthing, erosion security, establishment testing and so forth.

Tower Testing: Full load/Destruction Testing of each kind of tower.
Activation of Manpower and Equipments: Such as excavators, shake penetrating machines, Tower erection instruments, Winch &Tirfor, Mobile cranes, Tension hanging supplies, rollers, pilot wires, vehicles, walkie–talkie etc.