Power Vidyut Corporation ( PVC) under takes MV, HV and EHV Substation tasks up to 132/220 KV. The corporation has in-residence ability in specialized, budgetary  expand management to execute those undertakings with out limitations achievement of the costumers. PVC  strength energy agency gives administrations to coordinate the necessity of the customers .

Substation EPC cosists of Basic & Detailed engg., SLD, All equipment/component, Protection Scheme,  erection & Testing  and commissioning, Synchronizing the power station with the grid.

All substation equipment includes: Power & Distribution Transformers, Control Transformers( CT/VT), switch gear equipment , Vacuum, SF-6 Circuit Breakers ( HV, MV and LV), Isolators Lightning Arrestors, Control and Protection systems, Conductors, Power & Control Cables, Batteries and Battery Charger Panels, Capacitor Banks Reactors​ , Power Line  Communication Carrier etc.